Lease Returns FAQs

Lease Return FAQs

After many fun adventures around Hamilton, Madison, and Smyrna, NY, in your leased car, it’s time to return it. How should you prepare to return your lease? What should you expect from this process? Our team at Friendly Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Hamilton is here with the answers for you.

Read our lease returns FAQs page to learn how to prepare for the end of your lease. If you have any questions along the way, reach out to our team!

Lease Returns FAQS: Your Questions, Answered

Lease Return near MeDo I return my car to the dealer I originally leased it from?

  • Most of the time, you need to return it to an automotive dealership of the same brand. You can return it to the original dealership or return it to another dealership that is part of the same manufacturer.

Is there an inspection at the end of a lease?

  • Yes. This required—but free—inspection checks for any exterior and interior damage that exceeds normal “wear and tear” that naturally occurs to cars as they’re driven.
  • This should be conducted before the end of your lease. We recommend having it completed at least 60 days before the final date of your lease. By doing so, you can have any necessary repairs completed before you return your car to the dealer.

What is considered “excessive wear” for leased cars?

  • When you’re driving a car for a few years, there’s expected “wear and tear” on it, such as minor scuffs or removable stains.
  • When it comes to excessive wear, it refers to more extreme damages that require extra work to handle. Some examples are:
    • Tears, rips, or irremovable stains in the upholstery
    • Cracked, bent, or broken wheels
    • Large punctures or cracks to painted surfaces

What happens if I exceeded my mileage limit in my lease?

  • You likely will be charged for extra miles, but these charges vary based on your specific lease contract. You may have the option to purchase additional miles before the lease ends, too. Speak with a member of our team for more details.

What do I need to bring with me for the lease return?

  • You’ll need to bring both sets of keys or key fobs and the owner’s manual. You should also remove all personal items from your car and delete any stored data in the car’s infotainment center and other devices.

Lease End ChargesWhat are the end-of-lease charges that I should expect?

  • Along with the usual taxes and fees, many leases require a disposition fee. If there’s any excessive mileage or wear, then there will also be additional charges.
  • Since there are several variables that affect the final cost, it’s wise to speak with our team for more details about the expected charges for your specific lease.

Can I end my lease early?

  • Typically, you can end your lease up to 90 days before the final date in your lease contract. Beyond those 90 days, there may be charges, but there are also available options. We recommend speaking with a team member about your options.

Can I purchase the car that I leased?

  • Yes, you can! If you love your leased car and would like to drive it for many more years, it’s certainly possible. There are available plans, so speak with a team member if you’re interested in buying your leased car.

Can I lease a new car after I return my car?

  • Yes, you can! We recommend doing prior research on a new car that matches your current lifestyle. Once you arrive at our dealership, we can take you on a test drive of your top picks and help you secure a lease for your new car.

Return Your Lease Today!

We hope that our lease return FAQs page answered all your questions! If you’d like more details or have another question for our team, contact us at Friendly CDJR of Hamilton. We’re proud to assist drivers around Hamilton, Madison, and Smyrna, New York.

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